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Laurelai Bailey @Laurelai

So to new folks let me tell you a story about an instance that was called

This instance was run by some white cishet dude who liked to pretend to be woke.

He used his instance to amass leftist users who liked to engage in callouts and harassment.

He tore through the fedverse attacking trans women he didnt like in the name of social justice.

Then he got caught shielding his rapist best friend and the instance self destructed.

The moral here is dont trust the self righteous witch hunters

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@Laurelai That sounds like a real trainwreck and makes me pretty glad that I/we can just kinda elect to ignore certain instances.

I gotta ask tho, with a url like how serious was this guy or was he just a troll? Not that either is better.

@AniMerrill Oh he was serious, this was a guy with an actual wikipedia article about himself

@AniMerrill Cant trust the social climbing attention grabbing people

@Laurelai oo ooo can i tell the story about social coop and the techbros who wanted to play at rules-lawyering a co-op and extracted money from members without actually doing anything useful and then let several of their members run a trans woman off their instance for daring to suggest that "trans women aren't women" shouldn't be permitted along with nazi bullshit, in a thread about developing a CoC that was like over a year old