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Laurelai Bailey @Laurelai

So @kensanata wrote a script to mass block anyone who likes or boosts a toot, useful if you have someone making a post to stir up harassers against you.

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@Laurelai @kensanata

I've considered adding a feature to pleroma that allows for timed blocks against people who interact with a specified thread. would that be useful in this scenario?

@kaniini @kensanata No i dont want timed blocks i want them to go away forever

@kaniini @Laurelai @kensanata I would say that timed blocking would be interesting as a native feature since recursive permanent blocking is just a matter of effort/scripts/extensions and already possible with collateral damage.

@Thndr @kaniini @kensanata If someone likes or boosts a post seeking to harm me i never wish to speak to them again ever for any reason, ever.

@Laurelai @kensanata @kaniini that would be your personal choice in those situations but there are other situations that exist that would justify a reactionary temporary prevention of seeing the thread/messages.

@Thndr @kensanata @kaniini If someone is blocking everyone who interacts with a post theres a reason.

@Laurelai @kensanata @Thndr

i think everyone agrees there is a reason for doing that, just that it makes sense to offer both temporary and permanent options.