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Laurelai Bailey @Laurelai

So i opened an issue for a feature requests. Id like to have the ability to chain block people, as in block someone and all of their followers.

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@Laurelai *turns over magic 8 ball* [BUT FEDERATION!]

@Laurelai this is a terrible idea for 3631 reasons...

@Laurelai it would be the end of federation... you’re right. No big deal 😊

@Roland How?? How would blocking clusters of bad actors be the end of the fedverse? Show your work.

@Roland Especially since it would be at an individual level not an instance level

@Roland @Laurelai Roland, can you just try to explain your position like an adult, for like 10 minutes?

@June Yes ! English is not my main language so it's difficult to debate in it for me, but i'll try.
If i understand well, If Laurelai "chain block" someone, i will be blocked too by her if i follow that person ? (that's what i understood).
In that case it's a very dangerous feature. These days my TL is full of war between bofa and its allies versus laurelai and her allies. I don't want to be double chain blocked by both sides because my neutral and personal choices of following..

@Roland @June If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.

@Roland @Laurelai Thank you for explaining. Yes, if you follow someone who is, for some reason, causing some shit, you'll likely get blocked as well. It seems that you take offense to this because you're "innocent" of anything in the scenario.

This is the point of disagreement: When an abusive person is tasking their followers to abuse a target, you as a follower of theirs are not innocent. You are at best, a bystander doing nothing to help the target, and at worst, a participant.

@June @Laurelai I think you forget one thing: This network is international and some people have no idea about what's going on, who are against who, who are the harassers, who are the victims, etc..
Second point. If i listen to the others, Laurelai is the devil. If i listen to Laurelai, the other camp is the devil. Who is the real devil here? i don't know and i don't wanna choose a side. That's what this idea will force us to do. Always choose a side. That's not my idea of a sane social network

@June @Roland the ironic part is, of course, that laurelai is a serial rapist who accuses her accusers of being abusers and tries to excuse her own actions on technicalities and forced recantation so anyone who follows and stands for her is kinda at best a bystander doing nothing and at worst a participant :)

@fenny @Roland first of all: fuck off. Second of all: BlockChain is still a useful idea, cause you could totally just block all of her followers, me included! Win win!

@June @Roland that and chain blocking has too high a potential for actual abuse and to accuse everyone against it of being socks shows the intent of implementing it especially in he main tootsuite

@fenny @June Still not convinced by the feature. Given the fact that Laurelai blocked for absolutely no reason, i guess I was right after all 🤔

@Roland @fenny roland, you behaviour in this thread has been sufficient for someone to block you. if that doesn't sit well with you, maybe work on that on your own time.

@June @fenny Perhaps the timing wasn’t good to have this discussion... Anyway, I’m still open to debate and I’m not even angry

@Roland @fenny ok literally it's not a debate tho.

you're just crashing into someone's "i opened an issue" toot with "this is a terrible idea for 3631 reasons" and then got really snide about a "no it isn't" response and dug your heels in.

This concludes my interaction with you. Further response on this thread to me and I'm blocking you.

@June @fenny I really don’t like this « I put a gun in your head if you respond to it » type of toot. So maybe you should block my ass and move on. Happy Life Anyway 😁✌🏾

(And this feature s*cks, whether you like this fact or not. If gargron put it inside Mastodon I quit - Goodbye)

@Roland @fenny cool i see how you're totally not an abusive asshole. yeah.

@Laurelai That was by far one of the best plugins I had for Birdsite (so long as the person had less than 4000 or so followers because it'd time out the API otherwise)

But the number of times I'd go to a garbage person Nazi supporter's follower list and see that I already was blocking the entire first page of their followers was a very reaffirming feeling.

@Laurelai Time to "how dare you propose such a dangerous thing!": 2 hours.

@Laurelai I don't think this is a great idea. People make mistakes, end up following people they don't know have done bad things. I've done this, and once it came to light I unfollowed them.

Blocking an entire chain of people due to one person in the chain doesn't sit right with me imo.

@brainblasted Do you have any alternative solutions to blocking clusters of bad actors. I am not being snarky i am seriously asking if you have alternatives.

@Laurelai @brainblasted ironically this might be easier if it were possible to block all members that are subscribed to a certain group. But unfortunately, only GNU Social and like Friendica support that concept and its implements.

@Laurelai @brainblasted I agree with Chris that it's kind of messy. I follow like 1900+ accounts to populate my timeline and interact with whatever comes up.

I try to block exceptionally shitty people when I see them, but for the most part I don't even see people that call for harassment. There's a chance I might only see 30% of my contacts.

@deadsuperhero @brainblasted Which again i repeat do you have alternatives? I know its messy. Messy is better than nothing, which is what we have now.

@Laurelai @brainblasted one possibility might be a rating system for your contacts, where favorable interactions move someone up on the scale, and it's possible to downgrade people incrementally at any time.

You could have some kind of threshold that says "only accept interactions for people at this baseline level and up"

It could probably still be gamed in some way, but Hubzilla has this and it's not a bad way to filter out people quickly.

@Laurelai @brainblasted in Hubzilla, every contact basically has a slider on their account that denotes what their relationship is to you, from close friend to mortal enemy. It would require manual work to adjust your contacts, but you could denote all the bad actors.

Maybe combined with the "block all their followers" concept, you could have "block all followers below this threshold" to root out the worst of them

@Laurelai @brainblasted maybe it might be able to also calculate mutuals?

Like, "x amount of this person's followers are people you and your followers are engaged with"

At the very least it could be used to represent people who have a lot of followers outside of your own network, surfacing a potential troll stat

@Laurelai @brainblasted maybe also a way to get notified if people on the timeline are posting a particular keyword, such as your own name, as a way to catch harassment before it begins?

@Laurelai @brainblasted the algorithmic ggautoblocker (not the curated one) tests for someone following >1 of a list of known-bad actors; two strikes to reduce false positives. I found it incredibly reliable and useful. Fwiw.

@Laurelai There's not a lot of good software solution I can think of.

• Maybe a way to mark a posts as "Unfollow/Block supporters of this post"

This will get people who are spreading inciting content,
at least when it is federated to your instance. More, it specifically targets the abusers rather than random people connected to them that might have no idea.

There there is another solution we could start using now:

• Have a shared database of "bad actors" that people can review and contribute to

This is a tricky one. It can quickly lead to situations where other groups than bad actors are targeted, for example trans women like in the wilw mess. But it's something we could start using on fedi so far - blocklists can be imported and exported.

@brainblasted blocklists have too strong of an incentive to abuse so im not for them. But blocking everyone who likes/boosts a post is actually a really good idea

@brainblasted @Laurelai

Blocking people who like a particular post, where the post is harassment, might indeed work.

Other things which are less discriminating could be hazardous and backfire. The modus operandi of the alt-right is to make their opponents engage in self-defeating logic against themselves.

@brainblasted @Laurelai sorry to bump into this, but maybe this is a good thing that should be discussed at