Peppers in nature: Imma make myself spicy to keep mammals from eating me.

Humans: Oh god this fruit gives me mouth burn.

Peppers: haha i win

Humans: Im gonna eat 10 more and put some on my meat.

Peppers: Goddamnit.

Humans: Now im going to breed them for extra mouth burns.

Peppers: I...what..


Someone had to decide to eat a lobster first. They saw one of those all bein a gigantic mud bug, and decided they should put it in their mouth.

@Laurelai well it still achieves the purpose, spice to not get eaten so it can pass on it's genetics, humans give a helping hand because you're not living until you are breathing supernovas.

@maverynthia The burn doesnt hit you right away, it fools you for a good long pause, enough time to taste the flavor of the pepper itself, which is not very sweet, but a bit savory. You wonder if you got a dud, and then the heat rolls over you like you just swallowed magma.

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