Oh look ocean extraction of uranium is soon to beat our land mining for cost effectiveness. This means cheap nuclear fuel for everyone forever.

@Laurelai It prolly has more uranium anyway, Continental rock is mostly Felsic which is poorer in the heavier elements while oceanic crust is more Mafic which is rich in heavier elements which since it is contacting the water should mean there is likely more dissolved Uranyl ions than you could get mining on land.

@Laurelai Though that being said uranium in felsic rock is used for radio dating as the few minerals that do contain uranium in felsic rock tend to exclude daughter products so checking for how much lead can help date the rock that contains that mineral.

Please look twice, that's not what the headline says. It says "They say the discovery could be competitive with the costs of land-based uranium mining".

"Could be competitive" in my view is a bit different than "to beat land mining".

And to think that we'll get "cheap fuel for everyone" from large capitalist corporations is naive at best.

@maddin 6 months ago they were saying it wasnt even close to competing

@Laurelai ALso could mean destruction of our reefs and the upset of the wildlife.

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