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Laurelai Bailey

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Hi new folks to my instance. Please dont be afraid to use the report button! It actually does something and is handled by a real human being who cares.

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*Instance policy toot for clarity*

Things that do have to be content warned here

Anything relating to trauma or traumatic experiences, things that reasonably might upset the average person. While of course you can talk about how you had to have a surgery or whatever please if you have to share pictures mark them as sensitive.

Things that dont have to be content warned here

Discussions about oppression you face or others face. Oppressors dont get to hide from that or pretend its not happening.

Current events as long as they dont fit in the top category as long as its not trump crap. Were all just sick of it, hes evil, hes orange, we know.

Violence against fascists, this includes terfs. Fuckem. You could coat them in honey and feed them to fire ants and retain the moral high ground.

*General sensitive image policy*

If the average person would get fired from their job by viewing it on their work computer, mark it as sensitive.

You know what this means.

People can be forgetful due to trauma, i know i am. Just please do your best.

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There is no justice
theres just us

@Laurelai Nuclear or get cooked by the insulating properties of greenhouse gasses, your choice.

Marvel in 2018: "Avengers: Infinity War" is the most ambitions crossover in history

Fossil fuel companies: *responsible for an overwhelming majority of GHG's*
Some Joker on a blog: SToP EATIng MEat To sAVE the PlaNET

Fossil fuel companies: *responsible for an overwhelming majority of GHG's*
Some Joker on a blog: SToP EATIng MEat To sAVE the PlaNET

This should be public now.

China's Lunar Agenda.

Who says we dont talk about politics?

The sumerian goddess Inanna was also known as the morning star

@Laurelai *now imagining a vacuous DailyKos comment thread where various liberals drift off into fantasizing about how much better the catering would have been under Obama*

Ok so let me get this right. Of all the shit trump has done maximum outrage came from *checks notes* the fact that he eats fast food.

God i hate you.

idk why people said solo was bad, solo was great

What you dont get is more "right" answers. You get ones people agree not to murder each other over, most of the time.