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*Instance policy toot for clarity*

Things that do have to be content warned here

Anything relating to trauma or traumatic experiences, things that reasonably might upset the average person. While of course you can talk about how you had to have a surgery or whatever please if you have to share pictures mark them as sensitive.

Things that dont have to be content warned here

Discussions about oppression you face or others face. Oppressors dont get to hide from that or pretend its not happening.

Current events as long as they dont fit in the top category as long as its not trump crap. Were all just sick of it, hes evil, hes orange, we know.

Violence against fascists, this includes terfs. Fuckem. You could coat them in honey and feed them to fire ants and retain the moral high ground.

*General sensitive image policy*

If the average person would get fired from their job by viewing it on their work computer, mark it as sensitive.

You know what this means.

People can be forgetful due to trauma, i know i am. Just please do your best.

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I'm seeing all this stuff about "Have your own web space/server" and I'm not seeing much on nameserver, domains, static IPs or even how to make that all work. Just this idea that "Make your own web server"

You will never be able to sell the idea that the status quo is fine to people being crushed by it.

So episode two of the new doctor who season was really good and has the doctor promoting the ideals of teamwork versus competition and toxic masculinity

Me playing stellaris as robot people

*sits in my own little corner of the galaxy developing a lot of tech*

*rest of the galaxy eventually comes to my doorstep, they still arent as advanced as me*

*one by one they of their own volition offer to become my vassals*

Every galactic leader when seeing my robot science lab planets minding my own business: I for one welcome our robot overlords.

Everyone deserves food, water, healthcare, shelter, all the things they need to survive and have a basic enjoyment of life. They deserve those things regardless of whether others perceive their contributions to society as worthy of sustaining the resources they consume. They deserve those things regardless of any moral judgments others put on them. Even people you hate, even people who have done very bad things. No exceptions.

Once that happens its all over. And this will either become popular enough that they will try or it wont and it will die off slowly

You laugh now but just wait until twitter and facebook and google implement their own activitypub stuff

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Given the option to use an experimental self-driving delivery robot when I ordered pizza tonight... o.O Like, no? Of course, they wanted to know why I refused. So: β€œSolidarity with your drivers. I’ll order elsewhere before I use your delivery robots.”

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queer culture is makin fucking cool DnD characters and then making them gay as all fuck

I love the month of goth christmas

A large increase in the use of nuclear power would help keep global warming to below 1.5 degrees, according to a United Nations report published today. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report - Global Warming of 1.5 degrees - was commissioned by governments at the Paris climate talks in 2015 and will inform the COP24 summit in Katowice, Poland this December.

Reminder: if you come across a memetic hazard (which do exist, it isn't just a SCP thing, however real memetic pathogens are a little less dramatic than SCP ones [though some arguably aproach that I've come to learn]) you need to hit it hard and wipe it out because once they become established they can either rapidly mutate, or cause chronic memetic infection making it nigh impossible to eliminate fully.

Remember to block and because they sucked up most of the bofa users