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Laurelai Bailey

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Ok so i have a blightfall modpack server (minecraft, you can find it on the technic launcher) at this server address if anyone wants to join

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Hi new folks to my instance. Please dont be afraid to use the report button! It actually does something and is handled by a real human being who cares.

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*Instance policy toot for clarity*

Things that do have to be content warned here

Anything relating to trauma or traumatic experiences, things that reasonably might upset the average person. While of course you can talk about how you had to have a surgery or whatever please if you have to share pictures mark them as sensitive.

Things that dont have to be content warned here

Discussions about oppression you face or others face. Oppressors dont get to hide from that or pretend its not happening.

Current events as long as they dont fit in the top category as long as its not trump crap. Were all just sick of it, hes evil, hes orange, we know.

Violence against fascists, this includes terfs. Fuckem. You could coat them in honey and feed them to fire ants and retain the moral high ground.

*General sensitive image policy*

If the average person would get fired from their job by viewing it on their work computer, mark it as sensitive.

You know what this means.

People can be forgetful due to trauma, i know i am. Just please do your best.

Note i already banned who did this

Dont put propaganda on my server thanks

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Stop trying to juggle nitrogycerin you fool. Theres no good way to juggle nitroglycerin, put it down. I dont care if the bottles are just laying there and you think someone will just do it worse than you some day. Dont juggle the nitroglycerin. Stop.

Put some compost on some bare spots on the yard

Wait other instance admins dont ban reply guys?

she is anger incarnate

Of course they are german, the last country we should be taking energy advice from, please tell me more about green energy while you cut down old growth forests to mine lignite

I see anti nuclear power people the same way i see anti-vaxxers and other science denialists.

You cant change capitalisms evils by changing how you shop thats not how anything works kids

Like its not an opinion regarding nuclear power being the best kind to use in most places its just the science.

Anyone who says tiny homes are a solution to being homeless has never lived in a tiny home

Why do tech people have no awareness on how human beings act

Its like they are trying to suck

Yet another example of "lets bring the worst things from twitter to mastodon"