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Laurelai Bailey Buzzfeed reporter attempts to smear Chelsea Manning on twitter, was owned by a trans woman who was actually there

People saying wasnt confrontational enough there was literal violence there, and she forced her way in, and faced the people who want to see people like her dead. Shes brave. Again. And you fools cant see it.

Tomorrow i want to see 100 articles saying "buzzfeed reporter attempts to smear on twitter, was owned by a trans woman who was actually there"

Look i get it, someone can get invested in an idea and not want to let it go, but the evidence says she was there to protest. The framing said she was a guest. People thought the worst of her for several hours and misinformation is still going around.

I would hope theres a statement from apologizing for the dishonest framing of their reporters. Im not asking for him to lose his job here, but an apology and public correction is in order.

Gonna retract this libel Howard? I hope Chelsea sues the shit out of you.

So heres the situation. protests a nazi even, and some nazis, with some drunk ass buzzfeed reporter decide to frame it as her being at the party to party. Liberals lose their fucking minds over it. This is defamation.

The reason nobody inside could get a picture, is because *she was outside*. Protesting it.