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Laurelai Bailey

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<<When you take a shot, Firefox posts your screenshot to your online Screenshots library and copies the link to your clipboard. We automatically store your screenshot for two weeks>>



Get it off me.

"Do it you fucking coward i know you wont"

See i keep threatening to cook my cat when she misbehaves and shes calling my bluff.

I think ill just start a new game with no advanced civs and uplift all the people so they will join my federation.

Ok so ive been playing stellaris and none of the aliens want to federate, their all xenophobic or dickheads. The only aliens in my federation are ones i uplifted. *sadface*

Dont mind me ill just be in my tantrum hole

I wanna follow more girls and nb people so boost if you're a girl or non binary ♡♡♡

Hm maybe if you brag about not having any compassion for other people, maybe stop bragging about that. It’s not a good thing & you really shouldn’t be proud of it.

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Ive seen people who have been smeared for shit they didnt do and ive seen predators get away with just about everything. You kind of learn how to tell the difference.

And yeah i get it its the internet any anyone can type lies up and click toot. its not just the fact someone said it, but multiple factors ive taken into account. Like their curiouscat , after translating some posts there im definitely getting the creeper vibe.

Especially since the person in question was someone who i was already kind of suspicious of due to who they associated with.

Yeah im going to believe someone when they had to flee their own instance just to be able to speak up.

People making shit up dont do that.

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