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Laurelai Bailey

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ok heres a guide on how to run your mastodon instance over cleartext and over TOR.

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Sorry the tor address should have been posted as starrev3tah2dnhj.onion/ for my instance

multiple people had diagnosed the fact that consolidation of "online" into 2 or 3 large commercial malls was fucking with our psyche, whether or not you ultimately want to branch out into smaller or more curated spaces is a separate question but clearly, Twitter and Facebook and their ilk have been making everything worse

β€œI follow 3 people but almost have 3000 followers! Please RT and help me get to 3000!” πŸ™„

Heres a pic of me without the wig by the way

@Laurelai I've been wanting to bring up my love for himalayan folk dance for a long time 😁

I don't know if people remember how crappy Twitter first ran and everyone said it wouldn't get big.

boost this toot to tell people to follow me here

follow for mediocre shit posting, alaska facts, and complaining about law school. a mediocre time for all

Reminder to new folks on my instance do not be afraid to slam that report button if you see some shit that shouldnt be there.

Ive had conflicts with some people here, but its not nearly as bad as it was on twitter for me

Pro tip: Harvest your tinder date’s teeth for extra prosperity and CALCIUM

Me logging onto twitter: damn y’all live like this?

please replace "What's on your mind?" with "What's up, Bootlickers?"