@Codeawayhaley @codeawayhaley I hope you wont mind me asking a basic question.

I'm beginning to think I'm a leftist anarchist but I still find myself thinking it would be good to have some kind of minimalist state. Then I wonder if this is an issue of language and that I don't really know what anarchists mean by "the state" so maybe I don't disagree with them at all.

What is the state? Do you think a person has to be 100% certain it's unnecessary to be an anarchist?

@nerdcoresteve @codeawayhaley @Codeawayhaley Anarchism is basically the approach that if a hierarchy exist but can't be justified it is best to dismantle it, it may be neccessary to have a minimal state however it doesn't seem like there has to be at this time, but if it does anarchist would be for a minimal state, though most people have issues with calling themselves anarchist due to using a different definition of state, though there are Left Libertarians which could be considered Leftist Minarchism.

My definition of a state is a Hierarchial Government with an monopoly on violence that is viewed as legitimate, if the governing system of a society is flat then it isn't a state.

I'd definitely check out Anarchist creators on Youtube (if you use Youtube), or several anarchist websites they might help.

@codeawayhaley @Codeawayhaley Thank you. After that explanation I think that I am an anarchist and that many people might be without actually realizing it.

I have listened to lectures/interviews/etc from David Graeber and Noam Chomsky, as well as videos from anarchist YouTubers like Thought Slime and Emerican Johnson, but I've still been having trouble nailing down what any of them mean by "The State".

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