This phytochemical is often used as a precursor for the synthesis of The Pregnane steroids (synonymn for Progestegens + Corticoids, they have 21 Carbons) [btw Cholestanes are 27Cs, Cholanes 24Cs, Cardanolides 23Cs, Norpregnanes 20Cs, Androstanes 19Cs, Estranes 18Cs, Gonanes 17Cs] <- just a little Steroid classification there. btw Chelesterol the precursor to steroids in humans at the very least is a Chelestane so it has 27Cs which gives rise to the Pregnanes via Cholesterol Sidechain Cleaving Enzyme giving you Pregnenolone and through various CYP450 enzymes that will be converted to Corticoids, other Progestegens, Androgens, and Estrogens.

Diosgenin ― Wikipedia

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