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If you want to hide information using stegography you still want to encrypt it before hiding because stegography is just hiding it in noise in a file, while cryptography will make it look statistically random reducing the risk that someone accidentally discovers the contents stored in the noise, to an outside observer this will just look like noise, whereas if you didn't encrypt if someone is paying attention they may spot the extra contents.

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@Codeawayhaley you can still spot the extra contents using entropy measurement! Encrypting first gives a much easier pattern to massage, though.

@riking That really depends on the host file, I've seen some noisy images in my time, same for video (just look at some lectures on youtube), so while it might be so for a commonly available image or video, for say a home video where you wouldn't necessarily expect to be not noisy and no public available version then if someone did get their hands on it then it would be much harder to detect.