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🌀 Severe Tropical Cyclone Trevor made its second landfall at ~1124 UTC+10 (AEST) as a Category 4 Severe Tropical Cyclone on the Australian Tropical Cyclone Scale and a Category 3 Major Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind scale.

It made landfall ~100km west of the Northern Territory-Queensland border.

🌀 Severe Tropical Cyclone Veronica is actually a Category 4 Severe Tropical Cyclone on ATCS while being a Category 1 Hurricane on SSHWS, this major divide is due to difference on what qualifies as sustained wind between the two scales with ATCS using 10 min average, where SSHWS uses 1 min average. (ATCS defines it right as that is the universal standard put forward by the World Meteorological Organization's Tropical Cyclone Programm)

Veronica is expected to make landfall around 1500 UTC+10 (AEST) between Whim Creek and Port Hedland as a Category 4 Severe Tropical Cyclone ATCS.

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🌀 Subtropical Storm Ex-Tropical Cyclone Riley [13TSI, 11S, 94S, 12U] on the Himiwari 8 Visible imagery @ 12019-01-31-1320 UTC+10

It looks like it will not take long to complete Extratropical Transition.

I wish people could learn the difference between Hail asd Ice Pallets.

It quite annoying when people yell at you to help move cars under shelter because it is hail and there is no hail in sight.

You can actually tell whether it is hail or just ice by the way it bounces, Ice pallets are just frozen rain they hit the ground and don't really bound, hail on the other hasd will, it is also more dense than ice pallets so they will hit the ground with more force.

Hail is very unlikely in cold weather, it require updrafts to stratify the ice (freezing layers on top of the ice to create strata) where as ice pallets are just frozen rain and don't have strata.

Damage potential is very different, Hail can cause a lot of damage to cars, Ice Pallets might at worst cause bruising.

Probiotics are pretty much useless for most people.

The microbiota is pretty important but for most people it is pretty established with the only thing really having an effect is prebiotics (fibre, in particular solluble dietary fibre which doesn't actually require it to be a true fibre, just indigestible and/or poorly absorbed which bacteria can ferment).

The only real time probiotics have much effect is A. if the microbiota has been thrown out of whack either due to antibiotic use (often the purpose of fecal transplant in Antibiotic associated C. difficile diarrhea), or the runs. or B. when coupled with the right prebiotics.

They can't be used to treat dysbiota problems without something to actually open up niches for the probiotic bacteria to colonise.

fucked up that "every person should have their basic needs met regardless of if they work" is a radical idea

The Chernobyl series had the very unfortunate and unintended effect of making people think nuclear energy isn't safe.

Nuclear energy is cheap, it's the safest energy source available, there are no emissions.

Coal plants emit more radiation. The nuclear waste can be dealt with, and is not a big deal.

Also, a possible problem that might kill a couple thousand people in a thousand years is much less of a problem than the millions that die and will die due to more carbon and pollution in the air.

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There is no annotative difference between "what gender do you identify as" and "what gender are you". There is only the connotative difference - "to identify as" connotes a choice while "to be" does not. Stop it.

Don't use "identifies" when you mean "is". There's no reason to say "this person identifies as female" rather than "this person is female" except to imply that they really aren't.

Similarly, "gender identity" is redundant. Say "gender".

I think it is appropriate to name a dinosaur after me.

I am after a birb deity and a birb = a dino.

Someone named their T-rex in Ark 'Athena'

Btw I do recommend the movie 'Contagion' while some things are exagerated it does try to remain scientifically plausable scenario of what would happen if a level 4 biosafety agent were to spill over into the human population for good and become a significant pandemic.

A few farfetched parts though is how quickly they develop a vaccine and distribute it but unlike other "pandemic films" the movie takes place over many months.

I haven't watched 'Contagion' in a while and with my recent toots about the Hendra henipavirus which was named after a place about an hour drive from where I live I decided to rewatch a movie which fictional virus is heavily based on the Hendra and Nipah henipavirus.

Henipaviruses are part of the Paramyxoviridae (parainfluenza family) they are bat borne and level 4 biosafety viruses, an equal with things like Marburg and Ebola (and some what related, though filoviridae are further away, the henipaviruses are very closely related to Human Parainfluenza viruses).

MEV-1 the fictional virus was based on the henipaviruses and the same main clinical presentation of meningitis, though they are also capable of causing haemorrhages they're not technically a Viral Haemorrhagic Fever.

Does anyone know a good lite weight android app for reading comic book archives (*.cbz *.cbr *.cbt ect) the one I use Comic Screen eats up the limited RAM on my tablet causing android to close most background apps even if I need them to be running.

If you ever want a challenge invite a Cacodaemon into your body and fight for control, then kick it out.

I've done it a few times when I'm bored, though I don't recommend for most I can get away with it because there are very few daemonia other than other Highest Order Angels/Deities that can overpower Highest Order Angels/Deities.


Someone has really bad Allergic Rhinitis (hayfever).

They think "lets go see this one scientist character, they might have secret allergy cure"

They walk in the room to ask and notice they're in a full spacesuit sneezing constantly...

That is so freaking funny because it is relatable, I've been tempted to get a filtered dustmask and gogles during really bad allergy seasons (and my allergy season runs year round because the few airborne allergens I react to stagger at different times of the year)

Turns out M&M shells act as nucleation sites for Tonsilolith growth...

Ate M&Ms yesterday, had several larger than normal tonsil stones.

Groundbreaking Report Gives Us a Glimpse of the #US #Military’s Gigantic Carbon Footprint

There are a lot of superlatives that can be used to describe the U.S. military. It represents the biggest chunk of the federal budget. It’s extremely good at killing people. And it’s also a prolific carbon emitter and serial #oil user.

“The war machine is thirsty for oil.”

#ClimateBreakdown #Oil #FossilFuel

While Hendra Virus isn't actually a viral haemorrhagic fever despite being BSL4 up with Ebola and Marburg it has had a single case where the complication was haemorrhaging, most cases no haemorrhaging and the complication is meingitis or encephalitis.

Though the scary thing is Hendra even though it is a level 4 is very closely related to the Human Parainfluenza viruses (both being Paramyxoviridae) which typically only cause mild flu like symptoms, just a few steps back and the closest relative is the Filoviridae the family which has both Ebola and Marburg, it is almost like human parainfluenza evolved in a island in an ocean of really terrible viruses.

Paramyxoviridae and Filoviridae are much more closely related than to other Mononegavirales (there are a few other families fairly close to one another)

This was during the 2011 multiple Hendra henipavirus outbreaks. My sister who is studying to become a horse vet actually has had to be taught how to respond to potential hendra cases because almost all human infection so far have been limited to those who directly interacted with infected horse though there have been a few odd cases where it doesn't seem the person came in contact with the horse.

The outbreak of the deadly Hendra virus worsens ― ABC News (Australia)

I've lived near a few places that gave their name to serious virus diseases.

I use to live in Townsville near Ross River, which gave the name to Ross River Virus which is the causative agent of Ross River Fever a polyartharitis while not a deadly virus it does cause chronic illness in many post infection.

I live probably an hours drive from Hendra which in 1994 a mysterious virus broke out in a horse stable, 19 horse infected, 14 dead, it spread to tde stable foreman who fell ill with Flu like symptoms that progressed to encephalitis and renal failure, the virus was given the name Hendra virus and was immediate classified as a Level 4 with mortality rates ranging from 50% to 90% depending on the outbreak putting it between the mortality of Marburg marburgvirus (~50%) and Ebola/Zaire ebolavirus (~70-90%).

We actually have networks in place to alert Biosafety organisations and CSIRO very early with Hendra henipavirus outbreaks and response is usually very quick limiting human exposure to only a handfull of people.

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