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I meet the definition of evil for a lot of people it seems; which is hilarious.

I had one person a few years ago who clearly could sense my daemonic and vampyric nature because they avoided me like the plague and talked about how my aura was the darkest thing they ever felt (which kind of makes sense but darkness ≠ evil)

My favorite type of storm would have to be the Tropical Cyclone which is partly why I only really chase them;

following that would be a tie between Subtropical Cyclone, and Mesoscale Convective System (basically I like convective storms better than frontal).

Subtropical Cyclones occur when a Extratropical Cyclone moves over warm waters and starts to develop Tropical characteristics [in Aus they are called Hybrid Cyclones, or East Coast Lows depending on time of year, in the US the NHC calls them Subtropical Depressions/Storms].

Mesoscale Convective Systems/Complexes often form when a cluster of supercell thunderstorms disapate leaving their mesocyclone intact which further seed new thunderstorm development which lowers the pressure at the surface and makes the storms more organised; technically speaking they are precursors to Tropical Cyclones, as well as include them as Tropical Cyclone should and shouldn't be thought of a single storm.

A Tropical Cyclone should be considered as a single storm because it has become a well organised system, however it shouldn't because the Cyclone is actually multiple thunderstorms (though lightning is rare except in outer rainbands and/or heavy shearing which likely stimulate ice crystals formation but towards the eyewall the upper atmosphere tends to be a little too warm for ice), as the cyclone breaks down those thunderstorms can start separating a bit and can be particularly nasty, possibly worse than the cyclone itself as they can start getting energy other ways, and the former Eye Wall has some of the strongest thunderstorm activity

The geometry subsystem includes a 16-MHz 68020 Motorola chip which comunicates with the host CPU, interprets graphics library commands, and manages dataflow through the geometry pipeline. The framebuffer allows the user to display 16.7 million colors in single-buffer mode. It supports a 24-bit z-buffer for hidden-surface removal.
A custom VLSI processor allows simultaneous display of multiple modes of operation-single/double buffer, 12/24-bit color, and z-buffer-in multiple windows

The PXCL 5500 is Prime's graphics workstation marketed cooperatively with Silicon Graphics in 1987. The computer had a RISC CPU (R2K MIPS32 with R2010 floating-point accelerator, and four R2020 write buffer chips) linked to a graphics subsystem of more
than 30 custom and semicustom VLSI
processors. A pipeline of 17 VLSI circuits
(10 MHz each) handled object rotation,
translation and scaling, six-plane clipping,
and perspective or orthographic viewing

Much of that I already knew, but still interesting to see examples, and the new info is awesome.

GSM Mobile Network Intro - Nokia Network Monitor ― LiveOverflow

This has been added to my Playlist on Cyclonic Windstorms, the visible imagery for the Life of this Tropical Cyclone will also be added to it.

The Cyclonic Windstorm (Tropical, Subtropical, & Extratropical) playlist can be found here:

Hurricane Michael imagery from the NOAA Floaters ― Force Thirteen

Hurricane Michael - Visible imagery views ― Force Thirteen

I wonder if there is an opensource implementation of APFS (APple File System) it was released not long back and Apple was talking about publishing it under Apple Opensource License but I should check out, also if BSD, and/or Linux has implemented APFS I hope it supports Pre-release versions because I will need to update the FS on some of my devices I have formated with pre-release.

What is Bandwidth - Christmas Lectures with David Pye ― The Royal Institute

I find it cool that living organisms using unsaturated organic molecules as sort of antenna for various frequencies of Electromagnetic radiation; for Plants they use Chlorophyll and Carotenoids which capture energy which then is attatched to Photosystem I & II enzymes.

Ark: Survival Evolved pro tips:

- Once you unlock the engram for guns, and bullets make some trequiliser darts for it but only use it for tames that require gun darts; keep you cross bow and use treq bolts to tame, and use the gun for defending yourself in a pinch. Bullets are fairly big metal users as is, if you have to use more metal to turn those bullets into trenq darts, also don't spend resources on automatic weapons until you can make turrets as they are really expensive, and you want autoaiming turrets that are less likely to miss otherwise you'll feel the pressure of not enough resources (even if you have tamed an anklyosaur which can carry more metal, and can mine more metal)

Two ways to kill video quality on gaming videos for youtube:

1. Sprint through a very detailed biome.

2. Stand in a snowy biome.

Those will always exceed the bitrate limit leading to youtubes conversion to really shitify the video quality.

The track of Hurricane Michael (2018) ― Force Thirteen

Here is a good explanation about the differences between Tropical, Subtropical, and Extratropical/post-Tropical/midlattitude/bomb/wave cyclones

Definition of Tropical, Subtropical, and Extratropical Storms | Weather Underground