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Common Abbreviation I may use:

Medicine, Neuroscience, & Biology:

CNS = Central Nervous System

PNS = Peripheral Nervous System

ANS = Autonomic Nervous System

ETC = Electron Transport Chain

ACh = Acetyl-choline

DA = Dopamine

5HT = Serotonin

BDNF = Brain Derived Neurotophic Factor

NGF = Neurotrophin-4

GDNF = Glial Derived Neurotophic Factor

NT = Neurotypical


TC = Tropical Cyclone

STC = Severe Tropical Cyclone

SubTC = Subtropical Cyclone

TD = Tropical Depression

TS = Tropical Storm

MH = Major Hurricane

SD = Subtropical Depression

SS = Subtropical Storm

🌀 = Tropical Cyclone/Tropical Storm/Hurricane/Typhoon or Subtropical Cyclones/Subtropical Storm

XT = Extratropical/Post-Tropical Transition

XTC = Extratropical Cyclone

CAPE = Convective Available Potential Energy

MSLP = Mean Sea Level Pressure

SST = Sea Surface Temperatures

SSTA = Sea Surface Temperatures Anomalies

RH = Relative Humidity

DP = Dew Point

Kts = Knots

ACE = Accumulate Cyclone Energy

1m = 1 Minute Average Winds

10m = 10 Minute Average Winds

LLCC = Low Level Cyclonic/Central Circulation

DT = Dvorak Technique Score

CDO = Central Dense Overcast

JTWC = US Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center

NHC = National Hurricane Center

CPHC = Central Pacific Hurricane Center

TCWC = Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre

JMA = Japanese Meteorology Agency

BoM = Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Note: This will likely change in future in which I'll post a new version, unpin and repin the new, I've likely missed some abbreviations so if you see me use some that aren't here, nor defined in the toot itself please let me know.

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My favourite anime - not an exhaustive list (updated 12019-09-18 yyyyy-mm-dd Holocene Calender):

  • Tonari no Kyūketsuki-san
  • Gabriel DropOut
  • Madoka Magica
  • Yuru Yuri
  • Bloom into You
  • Sakura Trick
  • Deathnote
  • Code Geass
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Seiyu's Life
  • Mikagura School Suite
  • The Devil is a Part Timer.
  • Vampire Knight (+ Vampire Knight Guilty)
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🌀 Severe Tropical Cyclone Trevor made its second landfall at ~1124 UTC+10 (AEST) as a Category 4 Severe Tropical Cyclone on the Australian Tropical Cyclone Scale and a Category 3 Major Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind scale.

It made landfall ~100km west of the Northern Territory-Queensland border.

🌀 Severe Tropical Cyclone Veronica is actually a Category 4 Severe Tropical Cyclone on ATCS while being a Category 1 Hurricane on SSHWS, this major divide is due to difference on what qualifies as sustained wind between the two scales with ATCS using 10 min average, where SSHWS uses 1 min average. (ATCS defines it right as that is the universal standard put forward by the World Meteorological Organization's Tropical Cyclone Programm)

Veronica is expected to make landfall around 1500 UTC+10 (AEST) between Whim Creek and Port Hedland as a Category 4 Severe Tropical Cyclone ATCS.

New profile pic, felt like change, the previous one was made by a friend back in 2014, the new one I made on picrew yesterday so very fresh.
Two very interesting features on the GFS run: Attachment 1 ― GFS Model 850hPa Cyclonic Vorticity (shading), wind direction and speed (windbarbs), and Mean Sea Level Pressure (isobars) at forecast hour 252 showing a powerful cyclonic feature in the Gulf of Carpenteria. Attachment 2 ― GFS Model 850hPa Cyclonic Vorticity (shading), wind direction and speed (windbarbs), and Mean Sea Level Pressure (isobars) at forecast hour 312 showing a potential Fujiwara interaction between two Cyclonic vortices in the South Pacific Both are quite a way out but interesting none the less. Model Graphics thanks to Levi Cowan's Tropical Tidbits. #TropicalCyclones #Hurricanes #Typhoons #TropicalStorms #Cyclones #ActiveTropicalCyclones #CurrentTropicalCyclones #TropicalCycloneOutlook

I've seen a lot of videos which titles were not in English calling 🌀 Severe Tropical Cyclone Damien "Hurricane Damien" it is a little annoying, not entirely inaccurate but Hurricane is a regional term for a Tropical Cyclone in the Atlantic or North East, and North Central Pacific with 1 min average winds exceeding 65kts (120km/h, 75mph), Damien wasn't in those basins, in Australia usually storms that are named are either Cyclone [name], Tropical Cyclone [name], or Severe Tropical Cyclone [name] where Cyclone = above 35kts, Tropical Cyclone = 35-65kts, and Severe Tropical Cyclone = greater than 65kts using 10 min average winds so yes Damien was hurricane forced but not a Hurricane because that is a regional term.

#TropicalCyclones #Hurricanes #Typhoons #TropicalStorms #Cyclones #CycloneDamien #SevereTropicalCycloneDamien

Btw here is a playlist of footage, satellite video, and documentaries about Synoptic Cyclonic Windstorms though most will be Tropical Cyclones giving those storms are my favourite type and thus I tend to focus on more.

PL: Cyclonic Windstorms(Tropical, Subtropical, Extratropical)

Description: A collection of videos on Cyclonic windstorms, on the ground, and space view as well as Documentaries & Docudramas. Cyclonic windstorms in this playlist will be defined as Synoptic Scale Cyclonic windstorms, and will not included smaller meteorological phenomenon like Supercells, or Tornadoes.

Tropical Cyclones (aka Typhoons, Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, or Cyclones depending on their intensity and location of occurence), Subtropical Cyclones (aka Hybrid Cyclones, Subtropical Storm, Tropical-Baroclinic Cyclones, Australian East Coast Lows/Cyclones), Polar Lows/Polar Hurricanes [Actually a mesoscale cyclone but will be included here], and Extratropical Cyclones (Nor'esters, European Windstorms, Bomb cyclones)

#TropicalCyclones #Hurricanes #Typhoons #TropicalStorms #Cyclones #SubtropicalCyclones #SubtropicalStorms #ExtratropicalCyclones #ExtratropicalStorms #EuropeanWindstorms #BombCyclones #AustralianEastCoastCyclones #AustralianEastCoastLows #Noresters

Sodium Hydroxide is one of those chemicals I should stay far away from, how is it when ever I get a chemical burn it is that chemical that is the culpret, like all the freaking time.

I don't seem to have that much trouble with anything else.

Waiting for Civ VI and the dlc to download to my switch... I'm going to flood the planet in a game by burning all the coal (Gathering Storm expansion)...

it has taken hours holy crap to download.

Cancer drug dev 

@lexi @KitsuneAlicia @noelle I used seamonkey for sometime my biggest issue was the email client portion didn't have the IM like thunderbird had except for irc, and almost none of the plugins for firefox could be installed in seamonkey, and it was single process when I started using it (don't know if they've changed that), if there were more compatibility I'd probably still use it over firefox.

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