I have no clue at all. LOL It took me forever just to find out how to reply.

@PiperKayAuthor Well first of all, welcome. Secondly. do you have any questions?

@Laurelai Sp many I can't think of them all. Another author friend of mine, @BlazingZane told me to come here, but she's still learning how to operate in here too. How do we reach out to other authors and friends?

@PiperKayAuthor @BlazingZane Also also on the right hand side where it says getting started you can select local or federated timeline. Local timeline is just this instance, federated timeline is all the instances were connected to.


@Laurelai @PiperKayAuthor @BlazingZane

So the instance is the group you admin and the federated timeline include groups started by others?

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