Adventure Time spoilers 

There are 3 types of people in this world 

queer culture is wondering every time you watch comedy how long before the tranny jokes start

Adventure Time spoilers 

I had a dream last night that I was able to go back in time and transition in high school and also I was a wizard and somehow it still really sucked

Like, I was non-passing and the wizard students were still bigoted, there were four houses at the wizard school but they were gender segregated. I got into a girl one that was the Slytherin equivalent but then I didn't feel I fit in

Also, the school was underfunded and not residential, and the cafeteria sucked and ran out of food and so I snuck into one of the boy's houses, the Hufflepuff equivalent, to steal more cafeteria pizza and then I got demerits

ME: I hate where I am in life right now

MY SUBCONSCIOUS: allow me to take you on a fantastic journey where you can alter the very course of your life and beyond that, the nature of reality itself, so I can show you the one truth: that life will always suck in the most boring way

So people are appropriating "toxic" to mean "annoying" and not "a series of behaviors that reinforce homocidal practices"

@BootlegGirl @Ramona I don't think they were Jewish analogue, I think they were outright Jewish with the Star armbands and everything. (from the screenshot I saw) Basically the whole story is about how oppressive Jewish people are to the non-Jewish people via way of Titans. Also the author is an imperialist and thinks it's A-OK to invade Korean and colonize it.

@aredridel well, I draw the line at watching things that are just about being queer. There have to be space robots or crime or miscellaneous comedy etc

@BootlegGirl I mean, same. I'll watch literally anything with a queer character.

But sigh.

@BootlegGirl Right?! Fuckin' painful. We get to see ourselves murdered most often, and the rest, our pain on display. Once in a while a romcom.

But most of the time, I just want to see the lab tech go home, kiss her wife, and then go on being a lab tech. Etc.

Seriously my biggest frustration with consuming media is I want there to be gay people in it because I've gotten used to that representation (even though I'm straight, I identify more with cis gay people than cis straight ones by a lot). And it's so hard to find stuff that isn't about being gay but just has gay people. Hell, for all its flaws Buffy did this better than most Netflix content these days

I spend like an hour a day searching for more media to watch that has LGBT main characters but also is a genre other than “LGBT”. Video games have spoiled me on this

Planet classes in the Star Trek universe:
J - Jovian gas giants
D - Airless moons
L - Marginally habitable
M - Habitable by baseline humanoids
Y - Hazardous
H - Horny

A sobering truth, my ability scores are not as cool as they sound. Also I'm really not convinced on the "good" the way D&D means it

You all should consider becoming a patron of Ginny, she runs and i think shes an awesome person.

God I'm not even a lesbian and I prefer lesbian media

Probably because depictions of trans women suck about 90 times more

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