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Understanding how the heart functions will be my key to understand the oxygen involvement of the entire human body

They should've let that guy hit the white house, at least see how far he'd get

I don't particularly want, like a complete sex change... But my dick and all this testosterone is definitely a curse, I know I can't be the only guy that thinks that? Right?

I feel like at this point in my life I should be a political troll

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This country needs to understand it's TRUE origins!!

Completely unabled all Google services on my phone, back off the grid I go

Shout out to all the teachers walking off the job after continued low wages while our politicians also rack in thousands of dollars while they DO NOT work

I am here to tell the truth of all Capitalist and American values

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It's great talking to the salesman at cricket and he tells me not to trust American media outlets. So glad to meet someone that's one the same page!