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Forever Lost And Found
by T.N. Nova © 2019

Much to his parent's dismay, Aiden came out to them when he was sixteen. Unable to hide his sexual orientation from them any longer, the young man had finally mustered the courage to sit his parents down. His heart broke when they turned their backs on him. Discarded by those who claimed to have loved him, he was a lost boy in his own home. Aiden was unaccepted by those who were supposed to nurture him.

Aiden would never be good enough for the two of them. He could be a renowned brain surgeon, win the Nobel prize, and be an astronaut. It still wouldn’t be good enough. Nothing mattered to Cora and Jamison save the fact that their only son was gay. He'd ruined their hopes and aspirations of having the perfect heterosexual son.


Someone on Facebook posted yesterday wanting opinions on the blond toddler's ban on trans people in the military and what our thoughts of the American public paying for their GAS's.

I don't think she realized what she stepped into when she made that post. As many stated, myself included, if a person identifies as a man then they're a man, if they identify as a female, then they're a female. If they identify as both or neither then they are.

The toddler's ban on isn't about their surgeries. It's about him making an example of someone, being homophobic and transphobic, and him keeping marginalized people, marginalized.

I was voted #3 in the Favorite LGBT Author in Spunky N Sassy's The Best Of The Best 2018 on Facebook. I'm so excited.

I desperately need to finish book 1 of my Forever Series. I've only got 3 chapters left and it seems I've hit a lull in my motivation. Hopefully later today, I'll be able to get words in.

read Flaunt by E.Davis this past week. What an amazing M/M romance. The two main characters were a trans man and a gender non conforming man forging a relationship together.


I was supposed to do an author takeover on Facebook today but it got canceled.

It would have been nice to be told yesterday that they were going to cancel it but no big. Just gives me more time to write.

@alis Hi Alis! It's good meet you. I'm an author as well and my daughter is an artist.

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