Wow I deadass waited an hour for nothin uh?


Any / gurus know how to salvage a usb that refuses to mount properly? Like, it's mounted well enough I was able to create a copy of the disk image but a) I don't have any other devices big enough to write the image to and b) it doesn't really solve the main problem of just desperately needing to access the files.

When I was looking for solutions to the problem, the basic error that came back was "doesn't support dpo or fua" on it which most people were saying that was a hardware issue or something? Idk, the damn thing was working like a half hour before I plugged it in the last time and no folders came up for it. Starting to get really distressed because there was some important shit on there.

@deoed I have no idea how to access the files once it's mounted to a loop tho. That's really all I need, I just need the shit that was on there


Disks in Ubuntu will show what partitionsare on the device

The use kpartx

Once the subpartitions are mounted you can access the files like normal from the mount points

@deoed Yeah kpartx just seemed to do exactly what normally mounting would have done, which is give me a /dev/loop1 with seemingly no real file access on my PC. A df into my terminal and it doesn't even show up so idk what to do.

@deoed I finally think I've managed it by using 7zip on it as a .iso file instead of .img file.

@deoed idk if kpartx will work either, from what I'm reading you still need a device to mount the .img to and I'm SOL. This dying usb was 128 gb and all my other ones are 2gb lol

@AniMerrill OK, so you have a USB drive that's failing, and you made a copy of it to regular disk, and you then need to get at the _contents_ ? It sounds like you've already tried to loopback mount the file. Is the USB stick partitioned ? If so, what you want to do instead is "sudo losetup -P /dev/loop0 usb-stick-image-file" and then you can mount /dev/loop0p1 or /dev/loop0p2 or whatever to find your files.

@trini To my knowledge the USB stick wasn't partitioned at all. Does this method still apply then? Also by "usb-stick-image-file" I assume you mean the .img file I was able to copy?

@AniMerrill So the magic behind doing what I said is that it will probe the image-file-as-block-device for partitions and show them. If there aren't any, you won't see any change from before, if there are then you'll see new things to mount. And yes, "usb-stick-image-file" would be the .img file you copied before.

@trini Looks like it resulted in basically the same thing.

(Ignore the 8GB Drive, it's a different usb stick I'm using just to get some secure info backed up again... I mean I really doubt there's any way to force a mount of 128GB to 8GB even if the original contents were smaller in size).

@AniMerrill agreed. Now, do you have room to copy your copy? If you can't mount /dev/loop1 maybe the filesystem there is corrupt and needs an fsck.

@trini You mean like just drop another copy on my harddrive? Yeah I could probably do that. Is fsck a command I'm assuming? (I'll look it up)

@AniMerrill To be clear, don't copy from the USB stick again, cp copy.img pristine-copy.img, then, do you know what filesystem type is supposed to be on the USB stick? fsck is short for filesystem check and there's a specific app per filesystem type that will do its best to fix / recover it.

@trini Gotcha, figured it would probably be bad to do further copies from the source. And um, I'm pretty sure it was NTFS because I formatted it about half a year ago and that seemed like the best universal option.

@AniMerrill Oh, hummm. So, not great news. Option A would be to install something like scrounge-ntfs or ntfs-3g and use one of the programs there on the image file to see if it can recover things. Option B would be to use Windows, either on that copy of the image you made, or risk the stick and image it there and try some Windows recovery stuff. NTFS is outside what I know much about tho, sorry.

@trini Ah okay. Well I'll go ahead and try some stuff and if nothing else it might point me in the right direction. Thank you very much for your help and advice though, I really appreciate it! Cheers!

@trini I'm sort of afraid all I really accomplished was copying 128 GB of junk data from a malfunctioning usb stick or something and that's why nothing is working.

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