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Happy , y'all. Celebrate with an for your pleasure.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A lake-side view with the far end of the water shaded by dark trees. The sun just clears the tree tops, low in the sky. Around it is a semi-circle of reflective, half-rainbow light. Above that is another, larger semi-circle of clearer rainbow-reflects. The rainbows fracture off into other loops of light, geometrically dividing the light blue sky with light.

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IMAGE DESCRIPTION: a black expanse dotted with white, blue, and orange stars. The left of the picture has a luminescent red cloud of space dust, the center of the picture is a cloud of topaz space matter, the top right has a cluster of hazy, blue-white stars, while the bottom right has a large, turquoise light that is a comet.

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lizard people? weak conspiracy.
pangolin people is where it's at in the conspiracy world.

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Remember. Western society tries hard to make us cold and ruthless. An act of kindness is an act of rebellion.

Go. Rebel.

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I'm on the hunt for reliable, non-biased sources for human rights issues. I want to make it a goal to share one positive story and one not-so-positive story a day (maybe to drum up trouble on my facebook >.>).

Also, if you've all got or other news sources you all follow, throw them at me. I'm a wanna-be-journalist on the hunt for some good publications to stalk for job openings.

is cool. Here's a Geminid for your pleasure.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: a vibrant, luminescent streak of white, blue, green, and pink diagonally across a black sky full of millions of tiny white stars (I'm new to these, but I want to try!)

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I beg all of you do yourself a favour and read up on Irena Sendler an underappreciated Heroine of WW2 to so many Jewish Children. I found out about her from the latest Rejected Princesses book.

There's been a sad lack of pictures popping up for me to enjoy. Here you go, Mastodon.

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Peace out, .

Side note: the only reason I'm regretting deleting my blog on there is now I have no inside scoop for how things are going.

updates welcome my way, my friends.

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i feel so bad for people who dont like bats like im seriously sorry for you

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